Packing & Shipping Guide

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Drives being returned for any reason must be packed correctly. Use original packaging; otherwise, bubble-wrap and other packaging materials can be purchased from a local shipping store or the post office. Failure to properly package products may result in damage during shipping. Damage which is a direct result of poor packaging by the customer will void the warranty.

DO use the original packaging if it's in good condition.

  1. Package the contents so they are not bulging or shifting in the box.
  2. Include all original accessories.
  3. If original box is not plain (e.g. colored box with images and product description), place box inside an unmarked outer box for shipping.

If original packaging is not available, follow these steps:

  1. Use an appropriately sized durable box.
  2. Wrap the drive in at least 2 inches of bubble-wrap, foam, or packing peanuts so the drive fits securely against the inside walls of the box (shredded paper does not provided adequate protection).
  3. Wrap the drive and accessories separately, where no two hard surfaces touch directly.
  4. Nothing should shift when the box is shaken, even when upside-down.

DO NOT use a padded envelope.

Contents are inadequately padded and loose, causing abrasion and damage during shipping. This will void your warranty.

DO NOT use an oversized box.

In this example of how NOT to ship, padding is included, but does not secure the contents from shifting during transport. This will void your warranty.


After properly packaging and sealing the box, follow these instructions to ship your RMA.

Proper Instructions

  1. Print the shipping label provided in the RMA email sent to you.
  2. Tape the label to the outside of the box with clear packing tape so none of the text is obscured.
  3. Ship the package via a traceable courier that can provide proof of delivery if needed. (e.g. UPS, FedEx, USPS)

DO NOT handwrite the shipping address.

Illegible writing may delay shipment or even prevent prompt processing.

DO NOT obscure the shipping label.

Use clear packing tape to affix the label (if possible); otherwise, cut wide margins on the shipping label for use with opaque tape. Covered labels may be returned to sender by the courier.